Saturday, May 22, 2010


there is a man who sits on his tractor, every spring to fall, at 5 o'clock, depending on the weather.
he sits on an orangish red tractor, at a corner that faces a hill leading up to my favorite field, where the sky is magic.
he smiles and waves if you do the same. I have always wondered what he is thinking about.
people have spent years driving past him. seeing him smile and how he let's life pass him by so perfectly, out on that corner.

Spring has arrived, and so has the man on the tractor. I stopped this week and introduced myself. told him how I look forward to driving by him, and asked if I could take some photos. he was flattered and so happy to pose for the camera. I learned his name is george, a 90 year old world war II veteran, and has lived on that street for 35 years. his handshake was so gentle and he admitted that it's getting hard for him to ride his tractor. one of my favorite people, even though he will never know why.

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